Good luck finding an Asian woman who meets this stereotype, Asian-philes. You will really need it! hahaha

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“Being a teenager is an important time of life,” [Amy] Heckerling said in that EW interview*. “It’s when you figure out who you are. And I don’t think that that’s less important than anything else.” What’s unsaid there is that Cher’s problems aren’t inherently dismissible just because they’re coming from a place of youth, privilege, and ignorance. Personal growth is personal growth, no matter the starting point. The important thing is being able to sympathize with the person doing the growing, and that’s where Clueless succeeds, against long odds. Cher’s problems aren’t on the level of the Haitians seeking refuge in America, or Pismo Beach residents who lost everything, but they matter to her. And that makes them matter to the audience watching her.


We launched a new look for Andante Piano Works aka andantepiano today. The site was updated to a responsive design, the navigation was cleaned up and the the entire look was freshened. I created the initial look for APW some time ago, so it was fun going back and revisiting it. 

APW’s look is very different from any other piano technician sites I’ve seen and I’m pretty proud of that.

*virtually hugs my spiffied up website*

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me whenever wearing a dress

*tries to remember the last time this was the case for me*

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Everyone can always use some Lloyd Dobler to brighten up their day, am I right?

Everyone can always use some Lloyd Dobler to brighten up their day, am I right?

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Laura’s Twitter Rants: The Eleanor and Park Movie Edition

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Shockingly, of all the things I have been asked in my life due to my Korean-ness, that is not one of them.

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"Percentage-wise it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them."

Uh. I spend lots of time on Tumblr. Does that count as remarkably doing something?

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