This past Monday, I headed up to Simon and Schuster’s Summer Lovin’ tour event heldĀ at the University Bookstore in Seattle.

As the only representative of both the Clear Eyes, Full Shelves book blog and the Portland Book Club of Awesome able to attend the event, I arrived armed with a tote bag full of books, all of which had fancy post-its (so fancy that the featured authors oohed and ahed over them) from Sarah attached that kept all of the required personalizations organized.

Normally, I would never drive such a distance by myself, but the tour bypassed Portland, and I just HAD to take advantage of the opportunity to fangirl in person over meet my favorite author, and fellow former Buffalonian, Sarah Ockler. Luckily, I had an engaging audiobook for the drive, and minimal-as-one-could-hope-for-in-Seattle traffic.

The event was fun and engaging, and all of the authors were just lovely, as well as extremely gracious about the fact that I needed 13 books signed (I did buy five of those books at the event, which is of course the proper way to support the authors as well as the hosting bookstore.)

To top it all off, I got to hang out with Flannery from The Readventurer and the ever-fabulous Mindi Scott, both of whom I do not see nearly as much as I would like.

I was extremely tired while tuning pianos at work the next day, but being able to see the FNL reference hand-written by Sarah Ockler in my copy of her latest novel, The Book of Broken Hearts, made it all worth it.


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